Il Cinque Maggio

It’s Mexican Independence Day Mexican Debt Collection Day!

Yes, today we drink Coronas and eat tamales to celebrate a Mexican President’s decision to stop paying the juice legally owed on his country’s loans.

It’s true!

As you might imagine, this irritated people in quite a few nations. Although none more so than the French, who became so pissed off about it that they simply invaded Mexico. Thus prompting the largest repo mission in history.

They cut a swath across the country, beating the piss out of the Mexicans along the way…with one exception. A battle at the city of Puebla (a wildly inventive appellate, since “puebla” basically means “town”), that took place on, you guessed it, May 5th. About a year later the Mexicans surrendered, and were occupied by the French for over 6 years.

Now I realize this might upset a few of my friends, and I’ll gladly concede the possibility that this is unchecked northern arrogance speaking, but I have a hard time understanding why it is that people down here (who otherwise seem so proud of their heritage), seem to glorify losses.

Like continuing to fly the Confederate flag for example, or the strange reverence Texans have for the Alamo, or (as in this case), celebrating a battle won, in a war lost.

Because to me that seems an awful lot like the U.S. celebrating the Battle of Dak To every November 23rd.

Or maybe I’m just being a dick… That’s also quite possible.

I’ll say one thing for Mexico though, you guys have some seriously awesome fauna:

And watch this little Mexican dwarf ride Gene Simmons like a 6′ stripper pole:


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