Wheebles!  Woo!

No, I don’t know what “wheeble” means; I just like the way it sounds. Not entirely unlike “bleuxpee,” “sophistry,” and “Nell Carter.”

So it was the Mother’s Day this weekend, and as such Sobriquet and I entertained and visited with our respective mommas. Saturday saw her parents at our place for the first time, so I cooked brunch for us. Scrambled eggs with fresh mozzarella, Zummo’s bacon, freshly baked bread, pineapple, strawberries, pasta salad (from Kroger), and Bayou Blend coffee. The eggs were a bit overdone, but I thought it a generally serviceable brunch.

Shortly thereafter we packed a couple bags and The Jibbus into the car:

and headed out to Seguin, TX to my mom’s new place on the Guadalupe River. Plenty of sangria followed, along with a bit of merlot with dinner, which was enough to force us into an early evening. (Everyone became pretty tired around midnight.)

After a serious bout of lounging/ball-throwing to Jib, we headed back into the city on Sunday afternoon. At which point I begrudgingly turned on the Red Sox/Yankees game and stressed for nearly 8 innings until I was almost positive the Sox were going to win and avoid being swept at home. Thank God.

And here I am on a Monday, posting this stuff for you. Yes, you!

And hey! You look wonderful today!


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