I actually went off on a long and ranting tangent on my last post, and then I realized that “tangent” was actually longer than the original topic. So I cut/pasted into a new post.

And that tangent is this:

I’ve never hated the Yankees, and their $206 million payroll, more than I do now. (And I thought I’d reached the zenith of that hatred back in 2003 with a particular at-bat by Aaron fucking Boone.)

The unfortunate bit about that is that they’re going to win the goddamn World Series again this year, and most likely the next one as well. And there’s little that anyone can do about this, aside from institute some kind of salary cap into the game of baseball.

Now to be entirely honest, I’ve historically found the idea of removing the salary cap to be anathematic. I quite liked the idea of “flagship” teams in Major League Baseball. Franchises that other teams could strive to emulate…

But the Steinbrenners have taken this way too far, taking their spending to utterly repugnant levels.

To put this into perspective, the average MLB team’s total payroll in 2010 is $83 million. The Yankees spent $85 million on their pitching staff alone this year.

Ready for more fun disgusting facts?

Yes, the Yankees spend more money per player on their team than any other sporting organization in the world…

And what about their retarded new stadium? You remember the new Yankee Stadium? The one that has the wind tunnel to right field that carries what would be a normal pop fly in any other stadium into home run territory? Oh, that’s right… You probably haven’t seen it. Because only the elite few can afford to watch games there. The average price for a “non-premium” ticket is $79.00. (“Non-Premium” = overall average after they removed the $2,500-per-seat lower deck prices as “statistical outliers.”)

A tip for the Yankee brass… When you guys have empty seats behind home plate during a World Series that you WON, it’s time to fire your economists and take another look at your pricing structure. Not to mention you came up with one of the most retarded ideas in baseball since the Eephus pitch…

Beer-free bleacher seats.

Yep, if you do purchase the cheapest seats in the house ($20) out in the bleachers, you’re not allowed to drink beer while sitting there.

Let’s see, what else… Oh! They recently followed that trailblazing fuckwit of an owner Drayton McClaine (yes, he owns the Astros…don’t get me started on him), and stopped people from being able to bring in their own bottled drinks.

All these things and more culminate in my complete and utter hatred of all things NYY…



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