Living In My Head

So, here’s a glimpse into the non-stop train of thought that barrels its way around inside my noggin…  Ready?

After watching this, I felt the prescribed swell of uplifting hope that was the point of the video.

And then, much like you probably did, I instantly felt awful because I have so many advantages over this guy, and yet I still bitch about life.

I sank even further when I realized it was pity that was at the heart of those thoughts.  “How arrogant am I to assume that I should pity him?

But then I realized I wasn’t feeling “good” about life like he was advertising, so I tried to perk up.

Until they got to the horrid, infomercial-style DVD pitch.

Pshh…  I wonder how much it cost to make this video.

But I bounced back, and figured it was a good thing that he had a job in the first place.

Which made me curious how much he gets paid per conference…

Ugh, but how awful is that?  He’s pitching hope and being thankful for the things you’ve been blessed with, and I’m wondering what it is he brings down after taxes.

Waitaminute, how does he swim?  Undulate dorsally I guess?  Like a dolphin or a manta ray…

I wonder how badly the oil spill is going to affect the dolphin population in the Gulf.

Man, I remember that one day after surfing, I came out of the water and was covered in little tar blobs, presumably from a different oil spill that wasn’t ever reported.  That was disgusting.

Subway sandwiches never taste better than when on your way home from surfing all day.”

Damn.  I need to go to the grocery store on the way home.  We’re out of coffee.

Is there any coffee left in that mug on my desk?

Yep, just a tiny swallow.  Win.

Hey!  Looks like it might rain…  That’d be awesome since I wouldn’t have to water the yard.”

Er…although I’ll get soaked in the Jeep on the way home.”

Okay weather…hold off on the rain until I get home, and then let the deluge begin!

Wait, what was I just thinking about?

Man, that coffee was terrible…

And on it goes….


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