Extra Life 2010

So, it’s that time again…

Time to nestle into a thickly padded office chair, strap headphones the size of cereal bowls to your noggin, and rock 24 hours of non-stop video gaming…all while ingesting enough Red Bull and Brother’s Pizza to induce heart murmurs in a mastodon.

Yes, it’s time for Extra Life.

The M0nk3ys had an awesome time at my little apartment last year, although I do think we underestimated how difficult the hours between 5 and 8am would be. (Around that time it becomes quite clear why they call it a “marathon.”)

But when we awoke the following afternoon and checked our donation page, we found that you guys had come through in spades for us, clearing our projected goal of $500 like you were rocket-jumping a Goomba.

Our final total was $1003.00.

And I’m not too proud to admit that you made me cry a little when I saw that.

But this year? This year we’ve come with the thunder.

We’ve added three more members, two more gaming consoles, another PC, and a whole lot more square footage to the equation. The sum of which we’re hoping will vault the PSC M0nk3ys way beyond that $1k mark.

Alas, there are just 11 days left to help us help you, help us all heal sick children at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Please do consider a donation for each hour of our bleary-eyed nub pwning, roflstompy goodness.

And once again, I’ll thank you on behalf of the kids who can’t.

Here endeth the PSA,



TWITTER: @pscm0nk3ys

DONATION LINK: Playus….helup.

LIVE VIDEO: Will Stream on the Day of the Event

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