The Package

A package? Por moi?

Ah ha! Of course!

My geek time just got serious, people.


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  1. Dixie

    Ooooooohh. Does this count for Extra Life? I’ve always been a bit interested in this nerdy card game.

  2. DaQ

    DUDE!!!!!! I am SOOOOoooooo JeAlous! Wish I was close enough to flop with ya.

  3. j.s.


    Technically we’re supposed to just play video games…

    Although there *is* a video game version of Magic. Hmm… Maybe we’ll “practice” for those M:tG Online tournaments by playing the “non-digital” version. Or something. =]


    They reprinted Triskelion. I still don’t see one without cringing and looking for a “False Demise.” =]

  4. DaQ

    “False Demise” is sooo 7 days ago…… That new Mimic Vat makes me Triskelated.

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