We Interrupt the Dew Report For This…

The rumors are once again true. I have purchased a house.

Er, I think.

I mean, we’ve been approved for the total mortgage loan, and signed/initialed an awful lot of paperwork, and we’re meeting with “design center” people next Wednesday to discuss things like cabinet wood, floor tiles and paint color…

All of these things would lead me to believe that we’ve actually bought a house.

Well, that and we keep getting these pamphlets that begin with “Congratulations!” which seems a rather promising indicia of actually purchasing something as well.
Outside of nursery schools and Washington D.C, people rarely invoke a “Congratulations! simply for demonstrating the ability to form your initials on paper.

Now, all this being said, there’s not actually a house in the place where I’ve “bought a house” either.

No, if we’re being entirely honest, I’ve agreed to purchase roughly 8000 square feet of dirt, piled at variegated heights. To which they’ve thrown in a strange, mint-colored pipe that sticks straight up out of the ground, right in the center of the lot.

Honestly I’m a little frightened of that pipe; I’m not sure I want to know anything more about it, or where it might lead.


How this is supposed to work is, we choose the colors/cabinets/carpets/etc. next week, and a short while after that they begin turning those dirt piles into something that looks vaguely like this:

I shall endeavor to keep you all posted of our travails through what is certain to be an interesting process…


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