Brothers of the Briar

Albert Einstein
William Faulkner
Bing Crosby
J.S. Bach
Bertrand Russell
Mark Twain
Jeremiah Shaw

That’s right bleuxpees, I’m smoking a pipe.

And despite what that picture might lead you to believe, I am still awesome.

I actually started about a year ago, but found that I hadn’t quite exorcised the ghost of Philip Morris from my system. So, out of a concern that I might get pulled back into sucking on those little, white, filter-tipped devils, I promptly set the pipe aside.

I don’t ever want to have to go through quitting cigarettes again.

The kicker is, I do still love smoking. It’s relaxing. It gives you a reason to go outside. And, as I’ve always said, it’s makes the perfect punctuation for so many activities. Coffee and a paper, excellent dinners, drinks on a patio (to name a few), are all improved by smoking.

For those of you who are intelligently concerned about the health issues that lighting tobacco causes, I’m with you. But I smoke once a day (twice max), and, because it’s a pipe, the smoke isn’t inhaled. Honestly, the health risks are rather minimal.

Besides, spending your life worrying about all the things that might kill you is a death sentence in itself.


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