Pale Leo – Part II

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And so now, 90 days after cutting all bread, refined sugar, potatoes, rice, pasta, dairy, and anything else that’s even remotely carbohydrate-related out of my diet, where exactly do we stand?

The answer is…I’m not sure.  (How’s that for a payoff?)

Honestly, I haven’t weighed myself in the past 2 months.  So the actual amount of weight loss is all theoretical until I visit the doc for my follow-up next week.

That being said, I dropped down to a comfortable size 36 after just 6 weeks.  I assumed that was the initial retraction you get when you make a serious change in your diet, and that the rest of the weight would slowly ebb off my waistline over months and months.

And I was quite wrong.

Fast forward 6 more weeks (to last Friday), and I look like I’m smuggling dirty Pampers in the back of my jeans.  So, to Ralph Lauren I went.

I won’t lie.  At this point I was pretty excited about the prospect of wearing a size 34.  After all, I haven’t been that slim since I moved back to Houston over 10 years ago.   As it turns out though, 34s didn’t quite fit.

No, I’m down to a size 33.
5 inches off my waist, in just 3 months.

And it isn’t like I’ve been starving myself, or somehow been deprived of decent meals.   Eggs, bacon, grass-fed beef, chicken, and pork hardly qualify as monastic gastronomy.  All I did was remove the pasta, bread and sugar that I had been eating, and replaced it with slightly more meat and a few veggies/fruit.  And I did so 6 days-a-week, allowing myself a pizza and beer or some other non-paleo stuff on the weekend.

I’m absolutely stunned at the difference it’s made.

I’m not documenting all of this to convince everyone that we should be eating like cavemen.  What’s working for me might be horrible for others.  I merely want to offer a no-bullshit assessment of what it’s done for me, just in case some of you were thinking about taking a similar nutritional path.

My exciting digestive problems (of which I was developing several), have completely reversed themselves.  I sleep better than I ever have.  My mind feels clearer and more alert.  And I’ve stopped feeling generally sick all the time.

I’m going back for a lipid panel next week, and those results should be pretty interesting given that my current diet is pretty high in cholesterol.

But we’ll see.  So far, it’s been worth it.

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